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Importance of solving previous years question papersĀ 


What is the importance of previous year question papers This is the common question among all aspirants. As an aspirant, it is very important to understand the importance of the Previous Year Question Papers. In addition to this, aspirants should also know how to use them to their advantage. The Govt. examination is considered to be one of the toughest examinations in the country to crack. Not just that the questions are not a simple pick, the quantity of genuine aspirants and the intense rivalry offered by the best personalities of India likewise make this examination an extreme nut to open. So, to succeed in such exam, both are needed – a sound strategy and its implementation.

Past year question papers are very important everybody knows the same, but no one tries to even attempt to do the Previous Year Question papers.  Whenever our seniors and teachers tell us to solve the Previous Year Question papers we don’t take them seriously.


Why Previous Year Question papers?

Previous Year Question papers are the most authentic source of information for every exams. One of the important prerequisites for the Examination preparations is practicing previous year question papers and sample papers. You cannot neglect the importance of previous year question papers and sample papers. 


The best reliable source of practice

Practice makes a man perfect, but at the same time, it is also true that you need to get proper practice so that you can use that in the real test. The Previous Year Question Papers are also important from the practical viewpoint. Solving these papers give the students some sort of understudies some kind of self-evaluation about their speed and time management in both the prelims and the main examination. The more previous year questions you understand and learn the lesser will be the odds of your disappointment in  examination. By solving these papers, you also realize that there are many questions which are common in sample papers. So, you understand what not to ignore.

Solving the Previous Year Question papers also helps you in revision. It is always advisable to solve these question papers when you are done with your preparations. You can evaluate your own performance and work on your shortcomings. Many of the questions- molded or rephrased- repeatedly asked in the exams. Just try to read the questions carefully in your exam and you will see how helpful it has been.

It is always better to self-evaluate your performance and gauge your understanding of the concepts you are studying for the examination. So, go ahead and solve sample papers.


Know the nature and exam pattern

Previous Year Question papers indicate the nature of the questions being asked in the examination.

Once you come across the previous year question papers, you will get to know about the style and the mixture of easy and complicated questions and master the art of balancing to maximize scores which ultimately matter. Also, there is a possibility that many of the questions may be repeated, or presented with a slight variation. Not because many questions are repeated most of the times, but also because they help us get good practice.


Self-assessment is a vital part of  preparation. It can assist civil service aspirant in realizing and learning from mistakes, determining what strategy they needs to be followed in continuing the preparation and identifying strengths and weaknesses.